Monday, July 4, 2016

Pictures from the Villa Maria

Here's some pictures from the Farewell Villa Maria Dances of Universal Peace retreat held at Villa Maria, Frontenac, MN the weekend before Solstice.  Thanks PhotoDean Johnson for sharing these with us!

Flower petals inviting us into our dancing Hall, Ursuline.

An amazing shot of Ursuline's beautiful ceiling during the leader's planning time.

Our altar of Beloved Teachers.  Thank you all for contributing!

The Universal Worship altar
Saturday afternoon attendees with a view of the beautiful ceiling of Ursuline Hall.
Marian Hall which nourished our bodily needs for sleep and food.
Saturday afternoon attendees from another vantage point.
Sunday morning circle.

Jamila Joy and John Hakim listen to a dancer.
Friday afternoon Dance Leader huddle to plot and plan the dances for the weekend.
Another shot from below with a surprise!
Thank you Villa Maria!  You have served so many.  Thank you for serving us! 

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