Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Feb 28-Mar 1 Retreat: A Delicate Balance: Embodying the Qualities of the One Love


A Delicate Balance:
Embodying the Qualities of the One Love

A Special Weekend Workshop with
Maboud & Tara Andrea Swierkosz

Dates:  Friday, February 28-Sunday, March 1, 2020
(more details below)
Where:  8120 Penn Ave., S., Bloomington, MN

“Start by learning to be fair to yourself, balanced in your viewpoint and in the way you treat yourself before extending this to your fellow human beings and to all animals, plants, stones, and minerals.”
Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi

What might your inner and outer existence be like if you could more deeply receive and embody the Divine Qualities or Names of God? What might happen if you were to more fully experience the grace and healing - the light that these Divine Names carry? We have an amazing opportunity to explore the reality of the Divine Qualities through this special workshop.

Through song and silence, movement and stillness, group sharing and deep listening we will feel into the living energies of the “Healing Names of the One Love.” We intend to cultivate an experience that inspires us to nurture this delicate balance between our inner experience and worldly life.

Through our attunement, we extend an invitation to release our bodies to the Breath which may carry and reveal certain Qualities of Unity (or wazifahs). In this way a spaciousness is created inside our bodies for the Qualities to live and guide us. We may become deeply infused and embodied with these beloved Qualities of Wholeness, which allows for a softening of our rigid and limited humanity. By grace, we may receive the inspiration and empowerment to live our lives with greater loving kindness, fluidity, gentleness, fairness and compassion.

Tara Andrea and Maboud Swierkosz are long time mentors of the Dances of Universal Peace. They live in Santa Fe, NM where they lead public dance circles and bi-annual Wazifah Dance Intensive Retreats. Both are guides in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Their dance work and retreat offerings have touched people throughout the world. They have created an original body of songs and dances that have been inspired by their living relationship with the Healing Names.

Maboud’s practice with the Wazaif includes contemplation of the Divine Qualities through images of nature. He has published a booklet of photographs called the Colors of Unity. Maboud works as a licensed psychotherapist using mindfulness-centered counseling approaches, Sufi-based depth psychology and Heart Rate Variability biofeedback methods.

Tara Andrea has directed the Dances of Universal Peace for the German Youth and Young Adult camp for over 10 years and loves holding sacred spaces as a private caregiver for people needing home or hospice care.

Dates: Friday, February 28th, 7-9pm, Saturday, February 29th, 9:30-5:30pm, and Sunday, March 1st, 9:30-3pm

Location is 8120 Penn Ave., S., Second Floor Conference Room, Bloomington, MN

Cost is $175. Scholarships may be available. Please contact the workshop coordinator for more information.

Hosts are Sufi Center Minnesota, a Shadiliyya Community: 
https://suficentermn.org/.  For more information, please contact workshop coordinator, Rahima Cheryl Ritenbaugh at 520-822-6710 or rahima@ritenbaugh.us

**We try to maintain a scent free environment at the center. Out of consideration for those who are sensitive, please do not wear any scents, including those that are considered natural, such as essential oils and body care products. You may also want to be mindful of wearing clothes that may be carrying a scent.**


  1. From the registrar:


    Cost is $175 for the entire weekend ($165 for early registration and payment) or $35 to attend Friday night only. If you decide after attending Friday night you want to continue for the rest of the weekend, registration and payment can be taken care of onsite. Scholarships may be available. Please contact the workshop coordinator for more information.

    To register or for questions, please contact workshop coordinator Rahima Cheryl Ritenbaugh at: rahima@ritenbaugh.us or 520-822-6710
    To pay in advance by credit card, please call Rahima Cheryl directly.

    To pay in advance by check, please make check out to Sufi Center MN, indicate it is for the Qualities Workshop, and mail to:

    Sufi Center MN, 8120 Penn Ave., S., Suite 455,
    Bloomington, MN 55431

    To pay by cash, please pay when you arrive onsite for the workshop.

    Onsite registration and payment by cash, check, and credit card will be available, but again space is limited.

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