Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Closing the Pathways Circle

From Zahir, holder of the 1st Friday's Circle at Pathways
Dear Ones,

Many of you already know that I am moving from Minneapolis.  I am currently on a 'spiritual walk-about', traveling around the country trusting in Allah and visiting Sufi communities, either as a guest or as a traveling teacher (dervish) offering evening gatherings, workshops, or teaching at Sufi camps. 

It was my wish that the Pathways Sufi Interfaith Zikr & Sufi Classes would continue.  However, my successor Hakim Dan Gallagher likewise just informed me that he is also moving from the area, so the Pathways circle has come to a close. 

Thank you for the many years we were able to spend together in prayer and joyfulness.

May Allah strengthen you faith,
Zahir Warith Qalbi

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