Light Upon Light Sufi Center, So. Mpls

Light Upon Light Sufi Center (
The Center for Performing Arts, The Sun Room
3754 Pleasant Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55409 

Light Upon Light Sufi Center is the home of two Sufi orders, the Turkish Nur Ashki Jerrahi, and the universalist Sufi Ruhaniat International (SRI), led by a husband and wife couple, Hakim and Karima.  The Dances of Universal Peace practice is spiritually directed by the Sufi Ruhaniat International (SRI).  John Hakim is a teacher in this wisdom school and leads other spiritual practices from this tradition including Zikr, the Sufi ceremony of Remembrance.  Please read more about that below and visit their website,, for more details of current and upcoming Sufi offerings.


Park on street or in the school lot across Pleasant Avenue from the Center for Performing Arts .
Please do not park in the tiny lot behind the building. It is for tenants.

Questions? John Hakim: 612-827-4424 or or
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Also offered at ZIKR, the Sufi Ceremony of the Remembrance of Divine Unity.
Every Wednesday - 7:00 PM
The Zikr will now begin with basic orientation to practice, history, and the stories of the teachers and people of the Ruhaniat Sufi Order. This will be mostly practice and stories, with very little lecture. Sufism is vast and a little information at the beginning can be of great help in navigating it.
There will be an open Zikr on Wednesdays*. Open means anyone of any experience level is welcome. Zikr means the Sufi Ceremony of the Remembrance of God, a traditional ecstatic practice of the Sufis, as observed by the order of the Sufi Ruhaniat International. We will be singing very old sacred phrases in Arabic, some of which mean:
  • "We begin in the Name of Divine Unity"
  • "All of Reality is contained within Divine Unity"
  • "Divine Unity is constantly vibrating into all forms, in all times and places."
This practice is noted for producing good feeling. It was one of the central practices of the Persian poet Rumi, allowing him the Divine Expansion and Insight from which he wrote his poetry. Both beginners and those with experience gain enormous benefit. The Sufis frequently refer to Divine Unity as "The Friend"; the Friend, who is always happy to see us and who we are always happy to be with. Come. . . make friends.
(updated 2/10/19, revised 8/19/19)

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