Local Aramaic Circles

Jesus spoke Aramiac, a poetic and non-dualistic language.  

Scholar Neil Douglas-Klotz (known as Saadi by many) has studied the words of Jesus and re-translated them with deeper cultural understandings of the Middle East.  Songs and movements were inspired by his study of the translations and help us re-embody these words today.  

Join us as we study, move, and chant the Aramaic words Jesus taught us.  These translations are very different from the words we were taught.

Below are the regular standing circles as of February 2020.  Check here for the posts tagged "Aramaic" for special events.  

Aramaic Dances

Saadi is most well known for The Lord's Prayer Dance cycle.  He also studied the Beatitudes, and the "I Am" statements, as well as other ancient middle eastern traditions.  

Local dance leaders may share some of these Aramaic dances during regular dance circles.  Twice annually, near Easter and Thanksgiving, The Lord's Prayer will be scheduled in its entirety.  2020 dates and locations will be posted soon.  

Aramaic Chanting
These chanting circles are focused on The Lord's Prayer/The Our Father.  

We will chant along with the recording Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz created called "The Original Prayer" from Sounds True.  This is a beautiful contemplative prayer/meditation that engages our body, heart, spirit, and mind.  

Each line is repeated several times, so it's easy to learn.  The idea is to just relax into the feeling of the prayer without overthinking it.

Regular Public Circle
When:  2nd & 4th Mondays, 12:30-1:45 p.m.
Where:  Unity Minneapolis, 4000 Golden Valley Road, Minneapolis.  The meditation room is to the left of the main lobby entrance

Creating New Circles
We're seeking a location for a Sunday morning circle gathering.  Please let us know if you're interested...

Also open to starting chanting circles in other parts of the Twin Cities at different times.  Please reach out if you're interested in a particular time and location.  

Contact:  M.C. Daye at aramaic@peacedancemn.com.  

Aramaic Study Group

If you're interested in going deeper into the expanded English translations, the cultural context, etc., please send an email at aramaic@peacedancemn.com.  

Contact Us
We're starting an email list dedicated to those interested in Aramaic chanting, dancing, and studying.  Please drop a note to aramaic@peacedancemn.com if you'd like to be added to it.  

For More Information
Online:  Abwoon.org

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