Thursday, March 2, 2017

Musicianship Retreat: 4/27-28 & 30

From Morgan Rivers, Dance Leader in Des Moines, IA:

"Greetings Lovers of the Dances,

Here is a unique and special opportunity to view the Dances of Universal Peace through the lens of the music with Anahata Iradah.

Anahata is a senior teacher and mentor in the MTG and a gifted musician. Many of you know her as the author of “Guitars of Universal Peace”.

We will put the music at the center of the Mandala and study how to provide the most beautiful foundation for the dancers to dance upon.

This retreat is meant for musicians and leaders. A special invitation goes out to leaders who are not musicians who wish to learn how to better communicate with musicians and work harmoniously to create the desired sacred atmosphere for the dances.

The training will be followed by a public retreat where musicians and leaders may assist Anahata.

It will all be held at a lovely rural conference center and camp. The Newton Christian Conference Center welcomes diversity and all spiritual paths.

Of note: In order for Anahata to devote time and attention to each participant, enrollment will be limited to ~ 12 for the musicianship training. If this calls to your heart, it would be wise to send in your deposit soon to reserve your place."

To register for this musicianship retreat, please download this pdf brochure and registration form and send it to Morgan Rivers with a $100 deposit by April 1 for early bird pricing. 

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  1. This musicianship retreat is now full.

    We hope to sing and dance with you at the public retreat. Find details here: