Sunday, January 3, 2021

Jan 3, evening: Virtual Dances with Adam

Dances of Universal Peace
(AKA Sufi* Dancing)
(on Zoom)

Sunday, 7:00 - 8:30 pm
(1st sunday of each month)

Come and weave a circle of sacred presence through the ethers to support all beings in this strange time.

Honor and open to the heart of wisdom in all the spiritual traditions of the world by singing sacred songs and dancing simple steps in an attuned "circle" of universal prayer.

No former experience is necessary. You'll learn the words, songs and (a few) movements we'll be using, and be nourished by some deep discussion with soul family.

All are welcome.

Register (and get the link and passcode) here:

Adam is a certified dance leader who's been participating in the dances since 2010, and has been on a program of intensive spiritual and musical study with mentors since 2014.
Now he's learning how to offer more and more rewarding practices to dance-lovers online, and it's a very interesting journey.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions

The mystical side of Islam is often what this word refers to, but in the universalist lineage which birthed the Dances, we find a different meaning:
"The Sufi movement is a group of people, belonging to different religions, who have not left their religions but have learned to understand them better; and their love is in life, as the love for God and humanity, instead of for a particular sect.
The principle work that the Sufi movement has to accomplish is to bring about a better understanding between East and West and between the nations and races of this world. And the note that the Sufi message is striking at the present time is the note which sounds the divinity of the human soul – to make human beings recognize the divinity in the human soul."
"There is one Holy Book, the sacred manuscript of nature, which truly enlightens all readers."
-Hazrat Inayat Khan

For more info on the dances:
Dances of Universal Peace (
And the universalist Sufi order where they got started:
Sufi Ruhaniat International (

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